Inbar Freiman is a fashion design graduate of "Shenkar", the leading fashion school in Isarel. During her studies Inbar specialized in bridal and evening gowns and has since worked for some of the leading bridal gown studios in the country. Today, Inbar designs wedding dresses for her own brand, and her designs are a combination of the bohemian chic and the romantic rural style.

"My desire is to combine the two worlds and thus invent unique and innovative designs".

The studio is located in the heart of the moshav "Kfar Rut" (Just outside of Modiin) in a pastoral and warm atmosphere in a place that is one of a kind.

The dresses are made to the highest quality in the haute couture style integrating handcrafted embroidery. The fabrics from which they are made are the most prestigious fabrics such as soltis fabrics, strung lace, chiffons, and natural silks. All of these and more are used to create a classical elegant look alongside clean and innovative chic.

"For me, every bride is a world, a language, a style of her own, so it's important for me to be attentive and encompassing for every bride. Every measuring in the studio starts with a meeting to find out about the bride's wants and needs. It's very important for me as a designer to feel and understand the bride and how she dreamt of looking at her big day, and what is her personal style and taste"
"My vision is that every bride who wears my dresses will feel the most beautiful, unique and enchanting bride there is"

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